Thursday, April 02, 2009


This afternoon, SS and I went for a walk, to try out her new stroller. I like this particular route, because SS recognizes it, and knows that she will get to see her duck friends. This helps me calm her down, when she demands to get out of the stroller. She did well, until I tried to use the front cover, due a a light breeze. OK, cover off it is.

Once we arrived at our destination, I allowed SS to walk around, squeaking away in her sandals, and spending time with her ducks. SS socialized to her heart's content. A mother and son stopped by, and the mother talked to us for a while. The boy is 22 months old, but is H-U-G-E; he was in a small umbrella stroller. His feet touched the ground, and he had to place them on the strap, not to drag. SS bent down, waved, smiled and said, "Hi baby." The mother, and others around her, were cracking up. Here is this little girl, calling a kid twice her size a baby. I am not kidding when I say that SS is clueless about her size.

On the walk back, SS was not a happy camper. She can't see me in this stroller and she is not happy. We'll just have to practice daily, until she gets used to it. Because hitching it up to our bikes is next. We had a nice walk, no matter what, I always enjoy my time with SS.

After dinner, we decided to get SS back in the stroller. P and I are horribly out of shape, and kayaking weather is fast approaching. We are really looking forward to get SS paddling. Well, more like sitting while we paddle. Can't wait to see her in her cute PFD.

It was rather windy, so we used the cover, despite SS's objections. She let us know, but as long as we kept moving, she was fine. When she became agitated, P would make sure she could see him. SS fell asleep, and we were elated. Although it was only 7:30, we were hoping she would remain asleep. SS hardly slept last night and it is affecting all of us big time. We did better with sleep deprivation when we returned from China.

When we got home, P removed SS from the stroller and all h*ll broke loose. She reached out for me and did the whole frantic cry. Next time, I'll be the one removing her. What a rookie mistake.

SS made us pay for our foolishness. When she is tired, her energy level increases in direct proportion to her weariness. Boy, were we in for a treat, SS style. The last picture was taken just before I held and rocked her to sleep. She not only placed her PJ bottoms on her head, but walked like that. The girl trips on nothing with both eyes open, so we were surprised there was no face plant.

SS lost the sleep battle at 10:30, and I placed her in her crib. P was out shortly after, the poor guy. I am tired but fighting sleep, because I am afraid she will awaken and freak out. I really hope SS sleeps through the night. Little people need their sleep, we have no idea how she is getting by on so little.

Tomorrow I am signing SS up for a toddler play group and an introduction to music class. Our girl loves music and singing. SS "sings" in the car, along with the radio. Whenever she sees the camera, she stops. As we arrived home today, she was doing her version of what was on the radio. Not with her usual fervor and dancing, but cute. I managed to get her on video (below), but she was too busy hamming it up, and being her modest self.

I have my hat, my books, my toy, and my sippy cup. Come on Mama, let's walk.

Juice break.

I just turned the camera around and shot this one. Not bad, considering.

I was only able to get her looking at the camera, because she was busy, socializing with a few women.

I left her denim jacket at home, and this is what I had in the car. I can always claim that she dressed herself.

Guys, this is my second walk today. Don't make me call S0cial Services. There are laws that protect me, JJ told me. I think you two are up to no good.

Yes SS, we were up to no good.

P always marvels at how angelic she looks when she sleeps.

SS placed her PJ bottoms over her head, and walked around, while laughing maniacally. She really made us pay for trying to get her to sleep, before she was ready.

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