Saturday, April 11, 2009

SS meets Seth and Luke.

We rudely awoke SS from her nap, because she had a play date with Seth and Luke . I worked with their mom, Taunya, for quite a few years. Their dad, Eric, is a really nice, cool guy, and the four of us (E,T, P and I) hit it off way before our three little creatures came into our lives. Thankfully, Eric and Taun are accustomed to the noise and activity level that comes with children. We were afraid that SS would scare them stiff.

Seth has one year of experience as an older brother. He took SS under his equally active wing. Seth was really nice and SS took to him immediately. Poor Luke, some crazy girl came into his home to offset the balance. Luke was a trooper and even shared his parents with SS.

SS hit the jackpot, because Seth LOVES cars, her kind of guy. I think our little girl was hoping to hide in a closet, and see if we would forget her. Nice try SS, but not a chance. Seth also shared his D0ritos with SS. Our tiny chip lover could not believe her good fortune. Taun took one for the team, and handled the egg coloring. That was brave, because she is scheduled to speak in church tomorrow. I hope the stained hands are not too distracting. :) Taun is very creative and SS was rewarded with a personalized SS egg and a bunny egg. Our girl was intrigued by the process and loved all the pretty eggs.

We were scheduled to meet Auntie C for dinner, then spend time with JJ. But after watching Seth, Luke and SS for three hours, we were exhausted. Don't know why, because we did not do a thing. The aging process is a cruel, cruel thing. We rescheduled with Auntie C for tomorrow and headed back to the hotel. P spent some one on one time with JJ, and the idea was for me to get SS down. The lack of sleep caught up with me and I needed some down time. SS was jazzed up after her play date, and had other plans. Given the hectic schedule we have had the past two days, we are cutting SS a lot of slack. She has done a remarkable job of keeping it together. She had a long drive, lots of new experiences, met new people, and is sleeping in a strange bed. That is a lot for a 2-year old.

Thank you Taun, Eric, Seth and Luke, we had a great time. We hope you guys visit us soon.

Seth, a.k.a. My Seti Seth Seth (SSS). He gave us a good glimpse into what our kinetic daughter will be like in two years. Seth was a gracious host, and engaged SS in a game of tag almost immediately. Seth is a car aficionado, has dozens of them. SS was in car heaven.

Luke, a.k.a. My Lovely Luke (LL). He is such a good baby, easy going and kind. He falls asleep on his own, and hardly fusses. And those eyes, he has amazing, beautiful eyes. Poor Taun, she is going to be fending off little girls, as they line up for her baby boy. But they better back off, because SS gets to skip to the front of the line.

SS showing off her runaway train imitation.

I love you man!

Come on, wider, open wider. We know what we are doing, it will fit in your mouth. Just open and let us do the rest.

Seth: Look, they are old and slow, I know we can take them.
SS: The surprise factor is to our advantage; they won't know what hit them.
Luke: Guys, we already have them wrapped around our pinkies. What do we make them do when we get them?
Seth and SS: Way to go voice of reason, thanks for undermining our plot for world domination.

Attempting to feed poor Maggie a nutritious snack.

Your daughter has taken over my parents, my home and my dog. Could you take her and Seth now, please? I'll leave Seth's belongings in two paper bags by the front door.

Oh stop it, please Seth, stop it, you are killing me!

Taun, thank you so much for making SS's first egg coloring experience so special.

SS, admiring Seth's command of the egg coloring process.

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