Sunday, April 12, 2009

Et tu JJ?

All good and fun things must come to an end. This morning we again woke up SS before she was ready. It took her a good 5 minutes to open her beautiful eyes. We then realized what a rookie mistake we made. We still had to pack and get the van ready. DUH, how about letting the tiny tornado snooze, while we get ready? Oh yeah, we are just freaking brilliant. Once again, the DVD player came in handy. SS did really well with the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD. She was able to make a lot of the letter sounds.

We picked up JJ and headed to Mickey D's for breakfast. The idea was to let SS burn some energy in the playground. SS is too small to climb on her own, and the management is really strict about not allowing adults. Oops.

P had spotted a skull and bones outfit at Spen.cers on Friday, and we decided to buy it for SS. The mall has a really nice play area, and SS could run around there. Since we are pagans, we did not consider that it was Easter Sunday. H0me T0wn Bu*ffet was opened, so we thought we could access the playground that way. Nope, they had cordoned off the rest of the mall.

As we were leaving, SS let us know in no uncertain terms that she was not ready to return to carseat hell. She began wailing as we exited the mall. JJ was holding her, and cowards that we are, we left him stuck with placing SS in her carseat. Our tiny girl fought a good fight, not the least afraid of her humongous brother. When she realized that JJ would not budge, SS tried another tactic. In the most heartbreaking, dramatic, plaintive wail she could muster, SS called out "JJ, JJ, JJ." SS was totally shocked that her beloved JJ, her mentor, the same JJ who has been teaching her how to outsmart us, would turn on her. It was a great et tu JJ moment.

We drove JJ's to work, and he got to show off his sister again. One of his coworkers was not there yesterday, and she really wanted to meet SS. Our daughter did her whole I am a calm and quiet kid act. Gosh, she is so good at that.

It was difficult to say goodbye to JJ, but we had a great visit, and we will see him soon. We need to, as SS needs her JJ fix.

The only way P and I were able to pack and leave.

S egg and Bunny egg. Thanks Taun!

A reminder of why we left the area. We like water, but not that much.

Come on JJ, let's hit the slides.

I need one of this at home.

SS was too small to climb to the top and slide. But she managed to sit down and pretend.

She has yet to meet a steering wheel she does not like.

This boy just had to come over and "help" SS.

Grab a video and tan your hide. We have been in this store many times, and wondered where did they find space for a tanning bed.

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