Thursday, April 23, 2009

SS finds her echo amusing.

SS had a blast after our morning walk, by simply listening to her echo. I am always amazed at how the smallest of things, bring so much joy to little ones.

This afternoon, SS received the cutest compliment from a boy. We were at T@rget and the little boy (3-4) and his mother were coming in the opposite direction from us. The mother looked at SS, smiled at me and was about to say something. But her son beat her to it and stated, "Mom look at that little girl." The mother responded "She is the cutest thing I've ever seen." The boy then stated, "Mom, look at her eyes, they are beautiful." My first reaction was to chuckle, thinking that the little boy had the whole "I love your eyes," lame pick up line down. Later, it dawned on me that being Caucasian, he was probably referring to the shape of SS's eyes. Anyway, it was a rather interesting thing for a child his age to notice and state.

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