Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Ferris Wheel for SS.

After running a few errands, we drove to the Mall to check out the carnival. The plan was for the three of us to ride the Ferris Wheel. We then saw this:

A height requirement for a freaking Ferris Wheel? And we are not talking about the old fashioned type. This one had huge bucket type seats.

Oh well, see you in 13 inches.

We then decided to try some of the kiddie rides. Since SS is so small (and totally afraid), she had to be accompanied by an adult. This resulted in a tab of $18 for three rides. I so miss Southern California, and our season passes to the amusement parks. P and SS first tried the carousel, where SS freaked out the second P placed her on the horse. P ended up riding the horse and holding his little girl. By the end of the ride, SS was almost in tears.

SS did much better on the train ride. I have no idea how P managed to squeeze his 6' 1" frame into such a small space. The man just does what he has to do for his daughter. SS did not smile once during the ride and did not even acknowledge me when I waved at her. But at least she did not cry.

I had to woman up and ride the huge pink elephant with SS. I was hoping that I would not be allowed to ride, too heavy, too tall, whatever. No such luck. SS was relaxed during the ride, no tears, but also no smiles. I did not ride kiddie rides when I was a kid, so this was a first for me.
There are no amusement parks in PR, so my only exposure to rides was in carnivals during las Fiestas Patronales (patron saint celebrations). My mother made it a point of taking us every year, and we could ride whatever we wanted and as many times as we wanted. Since my brothers are much older than I, they would drag me to the more exciting rides with them. And, for some reason I don't understand, my mother did not allow me to ride alone, so I was stuck with them. This afternoon brought back a lot of fun memories.

SS was out by 7:00 p.m., a little earlier than we expected, but what the heck. P and I were talking on the way home, and we were wondering if we have been over stimulating SS. But if we just sit around and do nothing, not only will she be bored, but she won't sleep as well. She slept on the sofa for a few hours, until P changed her into her PJ s and placed her in her crib.

P and I are Amazing Race fans, and tonight we had a treat. The competitors were in China. Not only that, but they arrived at the Guangzhou Airport. How cool is that? We were there last July. When we saw the first team walk into the airport, we both got that rush again. The whole butterflies in our stomachs, adrenaline rush and joy we felt then. Once again, my malfunctioning eyes began to leak. I should really have them checked.

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