Monday, April 06, 2009

You adopted her?

Today was a manic Monday, lots of errands to run, and I did not get them all done. This is the first time that P and I have waited so darn long to file our taxes. You'd think that the lure of the adoption tax credit would have gotten us off our behinds sooner. Nah. SS and I went to the IRS office to pick up the required form and instructions. So there I was, holding my beautiful Chinese daughter in my arms, and patiently waiting my turn to talk to the nice civil servant behind the desk. I asked for what I needed, and the nice civil servant could not find the form. He poured over his booklet, and after five minutes I decided to take him out of his misery. I told him that he was looking for form 8839. The CS looked up at me and stated, "How do you know that?" I am trying really hard to tone down my smart a$$ retorts (since SS repeats everything she hears), and simply said, "I read."

CS informed me that the form I needed is kept "in the back." OK, I get it when alcohol, cigarettes, expensive electronics and jewelry are kept from the general public. But an IRS form? Do they think people would cruise by and claim imaginary adopted children? Whatever...

Just before walking away from his desk, CS stated, "You know, you DO have to adopt to claim the credit, right?" Yes CS, I know that. He then asked, "When are you planning on adopting this child?" Dude, really, seriously, are you kidding me? Again, since I'm working on that whole be nice to idiots stuff, I merely pointed to SS. CS, totally wide eyed stated, "You adopted her!!!!?" Every cell in my body wanted to say, "No, the husband and I flew to China, looked for the most beautiful baby, snatched her from her parents' arms, and here we are." Instead, I stated, "Yes, we adopted our daughter on July 7, 2008."

CS dude stated, "I am usually really good at spotting adopted kids, but not you. You two gave the mother-daughter vibe." Uh, DUH, could that be because we are a mother and daughter? CS dude must have picked up on my thoughts, because he offered, "You seem like you have been together, you know, forever." I told CS dude that we have been attached at the hip forever. Out of curiosity, I asked CS if our different ethnicity was not a give away. He shrugged his shoulders and stated, "I just thought your husband is Asian." I told CS that my husband thinks he is Asian half of the week, and thinks he is Hispanic the other half, but he is a blue eyed, gorgeous Caucasian male. CS shook his head and went to get our form. I told SS, "That nice man thinks we have been together forever." That is when I noticed that an elderly woman was standing behind us. She stated, "You know, he is right, there is something between you two. I assumed she was your biological child too." OK nice lady, whatever.

Is this the Universe's way of making up for the frequent assumption that JJ is not my child? Because this is truly weird. Now, I know that if P was with us, CS dude and elderly lady would not have assumed SS was my bio child. I guess my ethnic womb struck again.

We met P for lunch at the $100 store, and he had to leave before we were done shopping. Earlier, we had looked at a water table, actually a functioning toy sink. Before we met SS, I told P that I did not want to get gender stereotyping toys for SS. This explains why she appears to be the only 2-year old girl without a toy kitchen. I HATE those things. Then P leaves, and I pick up that darn sink, er water table to me. If P did the same, I would be posting about how irresponsible he was to purchase the toy. I would snark on him, and point out that SS still has unopened toys. Why did I do it? Mainly because I am lame, I know that. But also, SS is so our child, she is a water whore, like her parents. SS had a blast playing with it. I need P to install the faucet and can't wait to see SS's face when she gets to mess around with a functioning sink.

I sent a guilt picture to my friend Michelle. I really felt bad about picking up that darn toy. She wrote back, stating that once P sees how happy it made SS, he would not mind. Michelle, you are one wise woman, and there is no need to check the trunk of P's car for my remains. ;)

OMG, I just realized that tomorrow is our nine month anniversary of Family Day. Score! The toy is SS's FD gift.

Get used to doing dishes little girl, that is one chore awaiting you.

But Mama, there's water and plenty of space for me.

I know, I'm the cutest thing evah.

Chubby feet and toes. Is it possible to be in love with your child's legs and feet? I know I am. :)

Abu, I am so glad that you trained Mama and Baba to get me a smoothie every time they take me to the $100 store.

Look Baba, I had nothing to do with that purchase. Mama forced that toy on me, and I had to play with it to make her happy. I tried to resist Baba, I told Mama that I already have too many toys, but the woman just would not listen.

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Michelle said...

I knew he wouldn't be mad. :) That' s funny about the people at the IRS office. One of my favorite comments that Lisa used to get was "Does she look like her Father?" My sister would say every time "We think so!" and walk away. Heh.