Wednesday, April 08, 2009

SS likes Baba's way better.

SS is quite the observant little creature. She has been carefully watching our every move since day one. Not only us, but she is mainly with us. Although SS has called me Mama since China, she calls me Mom when she has spent time with JJ. P and I are going to have to cut the honey and baby monikers, because she has been repeating baby way too much. After only one day with Abu, SS was on full OCD mode. SS liked wiping her face and hands, but after Abu, she is simply obsessed with the activity. There are worse things for our daughter to emulate.

For the past two days, SS has clearly shown a preference for the way her Baba urinates. I have found her in front of the toilet, grabbing the front of her diaper and "aiming." She is too small to reach anything, but the intent is clear. After I showered SS today, she occupied herself, by trying her new preferred method of emptying her bladder. I was trying my darn best not to laugh. Our observant daughter is not willing to admit that she lacks something to be successful.

I told P about SS's antics and he found it funny. After all, he already knows that he is far more fun that I could ever be. Then something dawned on him, he turned serious and asked, "You are not going to make me p** sitting down, are you?" Of course not silly, you are a grown man. Besides, I can't blame SS, I have wished I had that ability before.

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