Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nine months as a crazy family.

Nine months ago we met a quiet little girl. We initially felt bad for her misfortune, as we are a rather boisterous threesome. Here we are, nine months later, and SS manages to be louder than all of us. Who knew our shy little girl, was deep down, a social butterfly, and a tiny brute. SS we love you, thanks for putting up with us as your parents and brother. We also have to remember, that while it was an amazing day for us, it was also a day of loss for SS. We need to remember this more often.

Every month, I try to focus on something about Family Day. The things we did not have the time to expound on at the time. Our travel group consisted of thirteen families. Our province travel group consisted of six families. On both groups, there was more diversity than I expected. In our province group we had a French mother, a German mother, a half Chinese mother, a couple born in Indonesia, and me (PR). In our travel group, we had a Filipino mother, a German mother, a German father, a Venezuelan mother, and a half Chinese father. We have been wondering if our travel group will have a one year reunion. We are hoping they do, as we would love to see how the children have changed. I am also curious about how many of the children speak more than one language. That is, as much as they can speak by then.

We are working on visiting JJ and others this weekend. P has Good Friday off and we are hoping to make it happen. Last time it fell apart at the last minute, so we are cautious. It is time for SS to meet a few persons who have been waiting for her.

This picture captures SS's laid back, contortionist side.

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