Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mama said there'll be days like this.

I was not going to blog about today, until a funny coincidence made me reconsider. I subscribe to a particular blog . The mom is funny, writes very well, has an interesting life, and makes creative lunches. She is also a very good mother, AND and has twin girls. They are cute, adorable little things, and full of energy. It takes someone with skill to handle that much energy. I was sitting on the sofa, waiting for SS to fall into a deep sleep, when I received an e-mail announcing a new post. I looked at the title of the post and had to laugh. Apparently, cute Chinese girls, chose today, a rainy day, to drive their mothers crazy.

SS kicked off the festivities last night. She was restless and whinny and ended up kicking her Baba out of the bed. There appears to be a limit to how much kicking P can handle. And I thought I was a restless sleeper. I told P to just place SS in her crib, where she belongs. He did not want to, because she was not wearing footie pajamas and her feet would get cold. I would have put some socks on, and send her on her way. The downside for me, I was unable to return to sleep.

SS woke up soon after P left at 5:30 a.m., and I was praying that she would just go back to sleep. I had a lot to do to get us ready for our mini trip this weekend, and I was cranky from the lack of sleep. SS chose today to demand to be taken outside, even though it was raining. When I did not make her wish my command, she turned on the Linda Blair charm, and tried to deafen me with her screams. It was a difficult day, and like my fellow blogger, I feel awful, because I should have handled things differently. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction (rats, my physics professor was right, is all about physics). I am the adult here (seriously, I'm pretty sure it is me), I should have realized how I was winding her up.

That is the thing about parenting, we give it our best shot and hope for the best. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, or a perfect child. That is part of what makes this roller coaster ride so much fun, and also so scary. However, admitting when we are wrong, or misguided, is a must, and it is healthy. It is what makes the difference between having a clean DOJ report and being part of the system. Hang in there M3, you did just fine.

P came home for lunch to find SS asleep, but on her rocking chair. I thought she fell asleep with a piece of pastrami in her mouth. I could not lay her down, fearing she would choke. I was not ready to wake her up, by risking a finger between her powerful jaws. See? Bad, bad, really bad parent. Chill, her mouth was empty.

SS noticed this pajamas when we went shopping last week. She loves the W0nder P*ts, and I could not walk by and say no. I have been unable to get a picture when she is awake, but she looks so cute with her cape. I am aware that those are boys PJs, but we do not care. Another thing, I removed the cape and her hair clip after I took the picture. :) Sweet dreams my Wonder P*t.

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