Friday, April 17, 2009

Tempura and bubbles.

Today, SS had tempura and terriyaki chicken for lunch. Much to P's disappointment (the man can pout), I have nixed sushi for SS for now. I know I said she had to be at least two, but I am not sure about raw fish for our daughter. P can't wait to share his passion for sushi with his daughter. SS loved the miso soup, even though it was in the high 80s.

This afternoon, SS attempted to blow bubbles for the first time. She had been perfectly content allowing us to do the blowing for her. She had a grand time, until the stupid mosquitoes forced us indoors.

We want to clarify a previous post. We DID NOT write that we suspect that SS has RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). It would be irresponsible on our part to write that, given that she has not been evaluated or diagnosed. We are not qualified to make such a diagnosis, and even if we were, we would have had her evaluated by a specialist. As stated, we noticed concerning behavior, and we are taking preventive measures. We have not provided more details, because at this time, that is all we are willing to share.

The whole point of mentioning that K called Michelle, was to illustrate the intricacies of International Adoption. Anyone who knows our background is aware that we have a wealth of professionals in the child abuse and neglect and mental health fields at our disposal. Auntie C would be the first person we would call if we needed help with a foster child. We only mentioned K's professional background to make a point. No matter how many children she has worked with, no matter what she studied and experienced, she does not know sh*t about post institutionalized children from China. Only those who have been there or have prepared to be there would understand.

If after we try the attachment CD we feel that other help is needed, we will high tail it to the International Adoption Clinic in the Bay Area.

Ali, thanks for the encouraging comment. We have followed you and M since Gotcha Day, and we have learned a lot from you. Your honesty humbled us, and is the reason why we decided to talk about our concerns. Not everything is puppy dogs, roses and adoption K00l Aid. Just paying it forward. :)

**** My name is P, and I co-wrote and approve this (and every) post.***

I am so funny.

I hate it when I lose a contact lens.

SS loved the miso soup and even ate the tofu.

Tempura, yum, why do kids waste time with those H@ppy Me@ls?

I summon thee, bubble god.


Arthur Becker-Weidman, PhD said...

Good point. Reactive Attachment Disorder is a rather uncommon disorder, generally. About 50 to 80% of adoptable children in the US child welfare system show signs of attachment disorder. Generally, children adopted before the age of six-months fare no differently than those raised from birth. The diagnosis should only be made by a mental health professional who is specifically trained and has extensive experience with international and domestically adopted children and foster-children.

Taunya said...

So my question to you is why can SS not eat "baby sushi"? Luke eats his rolls with just avocado and loves it. I think it would be a good way to introduce sushi into her diet! And give P a little bone.

2china4S said...

Taun, SS has had "baby sushi." What P really wants is for her to have sashimi.

Taunya said...

I would wait on the sashimi too. Your post made it seem like you were against the concept of sushi (sans raw fish) altogether. I am ok with her not eating sashimi at 2 years old. Not that it is any of my business . . . but when has that ever stopped me from putting my two cents in? Miss you guys.